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A Father's Love

03rd Mar 2020

My third story:

Benjamin is 10 years old. His father is a single parent. His mother died of cancer a few years ago. He has no brothers or sisters, so Benjamin is the most important thing his father has. He loves him more than anything else.

One day Benjamin is at home playing with his toy helicopter. He uses the whole living room as airspace. But as he is not paying attention for a moment, he stumbles and falls against a big cupboard, which buries him for a few seconds later.

The damage is huge and even Benjamin doesn't get away unharmed. And even though his father has to pay several thousand dollars for repairs, the only thing he thinks about is his son being released from the hospital safe and sound.

Four years have passed since the accident. Major scars have graced Benjamin's face ever since. He often gets bullied for this disfigurement. He has a tough time at school and he has few friends. He has to fight hard to be a part of his class.

One day at a school party with teachers and parents he got into a verbal fight with his classmates. Lots of insulting words are spoken until Benjamin drags his father into it and exposes him with lies.

The other parents, who cannot recognize these lies, listen carefully and report him to the responsible authorities. Benjamin's father, who works in a local day care center, is 'for safety reasons' suspended from work, according to official sources.

A report is refrained due to missing evidence. Nevertheless, he is fired a few months later and loses his status in the local community. He knows the reason for all this. But he remains silent about the incident. He accepts all the shame to save his son from a bad reputation.

But Benjamin doesn't recognize any of this. Instead, he seems cold and isolated. He loses more and more friends and thus drifts into a huge depression that he is not willing to be helped. And his father is helpless and alone.

Benjamin has just turned 19. In tenth grade he was expelled from school. He's been unemployed and hasn't been in training ever since. Instead, he has made contacts with a criminal drug network and is active in it.

One day something goes wrong. Benjamin is betrayed and ends up in court. His colleagues run off taking the loot, leaving Benjamin empty-handed. He is sentenced to a heavy fine, which he cannot pay.

But his father steps in for him. He takes out an enormous debt with a bank to help his son. Although he is very disappointed and does not understand his son's motives, his love and hope that his son will one day manage to come to his senses are greater.

A few years pass by. Since the incident, Benjamin and his father have not been talking to each other. Benjamin has never thanked his father. Just by coincidence they meet again. But the circumstances are not the best.

Benjamin is in great need of money and successfully robs several gas stations. One day his father sees and recognizes him. He speaks to him and tries to reason with him. But the attempt fails.

Benjamin runs away. He leaves his father with the gun in his hands and makes it look like he is the criminal. That works. As a result, he is imprisoned by the courts.

The grief over Benjamin's development is clearly visible in his father's face. He falls silent and doesn't speak a word since then; no reaction of joy or pain. But he is always thinking about his son.

Another year passes. Benjamin's father is about to be out of prison in the next few days. But it was not supposed to come that way. He received a visit from a man who told him about his son's suicide.

In his farewell letter he read about a life not worth living; without goal or meaning. A life that only had to struggle with problems without any solution. A life that was never really respected, understood or loved.

Benjamin's father cried. Bitterly. And that was the very last thing anyone heard from him before he also said goodbye in his cell that very same day.

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